Vendors Offer an Outpouring of Support for the Philadelphia Floor Store

In the two weeks since a fire burned down our warehouse and offices, our suppliers, partners, customers, and friends have been extremely supportive of our efforts to rebuild.

Many of our vendors, including Norton, 3M, Aacer, Century, RobinsonShamrock, BoenBasic Coatings, Bona-Kemi, Primatech, Powernail, Clarke / Pioneer Eclipse, Pennwood, Design Hardwood Products, Stanley Bostitch, and Lägler have offered extra support. From direct ship programs and freight assistance, to waiving broken pallet fees and extending payment terms, our manufacturers have gone above and beyond!

Some additional supportive measures offered by our vendors include waiving minimums, front-of-the-line production and relaxed consigned inventory policies — all in an effort to help us fulfill existing orders and continue our business in the face of these unforeseen circumstances.

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There wasn’t a single vendor that didn’t reach out to offer their sympathy and express their desire to help in any way they could.

Take a look at some of the generous messages of support we’ve received from our suppliers:

Curtis Richard, Account Manager, Primatech:

“The news came with stupefaction and sadness. As a preferred business partner, we are fully supporting the PFS team during these difficult moments with a direct ship program on parts, tools and fasteners. These actions ensure quick turn-around time and great service, which is in line with PFS philosophy.  This support will last until reconstruction is completed. We wish PFS all the best for the future.”

Shane Calloway, Vice President of North American independent distribution sales for Unilin, Century Flooring’s parent company:

“What a wonderful business The Philadelphia Floor Store is!  It is truly our pleasure to be able to lend a helping hand after the recent fire. The Philadelphia Floor Store has been our trusted Century Hardwood distributor partner for 15+ years and we are proud to be associated with them both as a business and as friends.  Family-owned and operated, PFS provides their local customers with outstanding customer service and product knowledge that is second to none.  It is our privilege to lock arms with PFS after the fire and ensure that they can continue providing their customers with the usual excellent PFS service, uninterrupted.  More important than anything though, we are thankful that no one was hurt during the recent fire.  All our best to you Mike, Joe, Mary Anne, Maurice, and the entire PFS team.  We believe in you!”

Mark Machnicki, Eastern/Midwest Regional Manager of Distribution for Aacer:

“The Philadelphia Floor Store is one our most loyal customers on the East Coast, and one of our most loyal customers period. We’ve always had positive communication with the Philly Floor team. For the fire to happen was a total shock. It shows that something like this can really happen to anybody.

A stockpile of Aacer products in our temporary warehouse.

A stockpile of Aacer products in our temporary warehouse.

Mike and Joe worked hard to coordinate existing orders to get products reordered. We were glad to bend over backwards to get them whatever they needed. It really united us as a company to see what we could do on such short notice. We wish PFS the very best. They’re going to come back bigger and better than before. They had the capability of being bigger and better before. And we’re going to be right behind them.”

George Chagnon, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Powernail:

“Being family owned and operated companies, Powernail and Philadelphia Floor Store certainly share a kinship and philosophy of taking pride in what we’ve built. Our business relationship goes back many years and while PFS is not our biggest customer we treat them as if they were and just like in our own families, when the unfortunate happens, we consider it our duty to help where we can. So often we go through our day to day work activities without taking a step back once in a while to appreciate all we have and all we’ve built. It’s only when a tragic event such as this happens that we’re forced to put things into perspective and realize how much we can endure. All the luck from the Anstett/Powernail family. We know you’ll be back soon and better than ever.”

Here’s what Bill Jauerning of PoloPlaz had to say about his team and ours working together to make things happen for our customers:

“After the fire I started getting phone calls from people saying they were unable to get in touch with the Philadelphia Floor Store to order PoloPlaz. So I shipped a caddy of PoloPlaz to a PFS rep to get him by, and I emailed Mike and told him I would be willing to ship out of here and invoice the Philly Floor Store, and they could invoice the customer as needed, just to help the Floor Store out. Mike gave me his personal cell phone and Joe’s phone and said, ‘Start giving these out to PoloPlaz customers and we’ll take care of it.’ Four or five days later PFS gave us an order and we shipped it that day. I posted online to alert people that PFS now has PoloPlaz in stock at their temporary warehouse.”

Tom McNeil, Director of Professional Sales, Bona:

“We were very sad to hear about the disaster at PFS.  They have been a valued partner to Bona for many years.  PFS has a strong and loyal customer base and I’m confident that they will rebuild and become stronger than ever.  Our sport, professional, and adhesives sales teams have been in regular contact with PFS and we will do all we can to help support their business during this difficult time.”

Thanks to everyone who has wished us well as we rebuild. Special thanks to all of our vendors who have offered to help us out however they can to get us back up on our feet.

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