DuraSeal QuickCoat

This is a quick coat, semi-transparent penetrating finish, and the best feature is that you won’t have to wait around for too long for it to dry. Its dry time is just two to three hours given the right conditions.

DuraSeal Quick Coat colors, seals, and provides exceptional durability with just one coat. Rich colors are available for virtually any situation––this penetrating finish is available in existing DuraSeal and certified Minwax colors. That’s over 50 color options.

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QuickSeal is compatible with most water-based and oil-based finishes and sealers when the manufacturer’s application instructions are followed.

Applying DuraSeal QuickCoat to a hardwood floor

This product is versatile and can be used with or without a finish top coat.

If you are planning a top coat, QuickCoat offers a soft, satiny sheen that can be topcoated in just two hours.

It’s compatible with all DuraSeal water-borne and oil-modified finishes, which, paired with the many colors available, gives you ultimate flexibility.

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