The Lagler Elan Edger vs. the Clarke Super 7R Edger

Clarke 7R Edger vs. Lagler Elan Edger

The Lagler Elan edger and the American Sanders Super 7R edger are comparable machines within the same price range. Each has its own unique set of features that makes it a great piece of equipment to use in certain situations.

Check out the respective features of each hardwood floor edger below to see how they stack up and find out which one would best suit your needs.

An Overview of the Lagler Elan Edger

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The Lagler Elan features a 6-inch disc. It’s belt-driven, which makes it quieter than a gear-driven edger like the American Sanders 7R. It also features a magnetic start/stop switch so if you pop a breaker, the machine automatically turns off for safety. 

This edger runs on 110 volts and 12 amps. Its motor is designed to prevent thermal overload. The Elan edger is very lightweight, making it easy to navigate.

This machine has a low sanding profile, ensuring that you can fit nicely under toe Lagler Elan Edgerkicks and radiators. Its lightweight construction also makes the Elan perfect for sanding tough spots like stairs.

The Elan has an individual caster assembly that allows for completely toolless profile cut adjustments. You can make your caster adjustments quickly and easily––just loosen the thumbscrews to make your changes.

This edger includes a dust collection setup. Although it is a bit difficult to attach a hose to the Elan, its setup allows you to attach a bag with ease.

Its velcro paper attachment mechanism allows for easy paper changes, but bolt-on paper can be used too.

The belt is adjustable; just push the unit forward or back to adjust the tension.

An Overview of the American Sander (formerly Clarke) Super 7R Edger

The American Sanders Super 7R has been around for nearly three decades, so it’s withstood the test of time. It features 7-inch pad and four carbon brushes. This is a gear-driven, single speed, 110 volt unit with 12 amps. Its 1 hp motor helps to maintain your cutting speed under difficult conditions.

This is a traditional edger, so it doesn’t have the same low sanding profile of the toekick-oriented Elan edger.

Like the Elan, the Super 7R features an integrated dust collection system––something that a lot of Clarke 7R Edgercompeting edgers lack.

The 7R has a newer style dust stack to attach a bag or vacuum hose. The hose is attached easily via
a plastic rubber cuff, and the attachment rotates 210 degrees so you can swivel it in and out of closets and other tight spaces with ease.

Its vulcanized rubber pad has an incorporated paper retaining screw and washer. Unlike the Elan edger, the Super 7R is only compatible with bolt-on paper.

The Super 7R features individual casters, just like the Elan. Its twist-lock plug mechanism ensures that the cord won’t come undone as you move around the room.

The American Sanders 7R features a handy integrated light system to light up dark spaces.

No matter which one you pick––whether it’s the Lagler Elan or the American Sanders Super 7R––you’re making a solid investment in a powerful edger that will help you create beautiful floors and save you time and frustration.

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