DuraTool Angled Trim Pad Kit

Dura Tool Angled Trim Pad (cut in pads) are ideally used with water based floor finishes. Kit includes 4 pads and 1 handle. Comparable to Padco trim pads and trim pad refills. Choose from 7” or 10” pads to fit any job. This angled trim pad is ideal for fine-finishing work. 

This angled trim pad allows you to reach behind baseboards, beneath cabinetry, radiators, and other hard to reach areas. It’s perfectly angled for getting around corners, moldings, in toe kicks, and more. This is the fastest and easiest way to apply a thin coating of finish to baseboards, doorjambs, and other areas where a standard floor trim pad just won’t fit. 

A tool like this can really make the difference between a good finish and a better one, since small details can have a huge impact on quality.

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Next time you’re finishing a hardwood floor, make sure to have one of these angled trim pads in your arsenal. 

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