Squeaky Clean — A Simple to Use Product for Your Gym Floor Maintenance

It’s amazing how fast time flies. The winter sport season is just around the corner, so it’s a great time to make sure your gym floor is as clean as it can be to ensure it lasts through the season.

That telltale squeaky noise that comes from basketball players isn’t just from their sneakers, it’s the sound of a clean sports floor. Keeping a clean gymnasium floor not only makes it look great, it’s also safer to the athletes and students using it. A dirty floor is a slippery floor, and slippery floors can cause injury. A clean floor will provide the tac a floor requires to keep people’s shoes on the floor. With that in mind, one product we suggest using is the Squeaky Floor Cleaner Concentrate from Basic Coatings.

Squeaky Clean is a simple, no fuss product that is extremely easy to use and produces spectacular results every time. The cleaner can be used daily or weekly to cut through dirt, grime, grease, sweat, and anything else that might dirty up a gym floor. This product is also versatile in regards to its application. Just follow the simple directions: Mix one part concentrate to four parts water and then apply the cleaner using whichever method you’d like. You can use an automatic floor scrubber if you have one, or you can use a broom wrapped in a Squeaky-soaked towel. However you go about cleaning gym floors, Squeaky Clean will accommodate to your needs.

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The best part about Squeaky Clean is that it’s a product that can be used on all types of flooring — not just a gymnasium’s. It works great on any hardwood or linoleum flooring. That means you only have to buy one product for all your floor cleaning needs instead of multiple products for different applications. It makes cleaning floors and keeping floors clean an easy task.

Basic Coatings Squeaky Clean is an absolute must have wood floor cleaning product if you wish to maintain the image of your gym floor and preserve its quality.

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