European Hardening Oils: An Overview

European Hardening Oil Finishes

European hardening oils are a choice for finishing hardwood floors because they provide a matte, natural-looking finish which doesn’t obscure the original look of the wood like other types of finishes do. They allow you to achieve the matte, natural look that so many customers are after. They’re also durable and provide a long lasting finish. 

Although European hardening oils are applied differently than typical oil-based wood floor finishes, the process is easy to get a hang of. Most of these products call for the contractor to apply the product to the surface of the wood (usually with a roller) and then allowing it a few minutes to penetrate before removing any excess with absorbent terry towels. You can speed up the process by wrapping a buffer pad in a white terry towel as seen in this video where we apply WOCA Penetrating Oil. You can also buff the oil in between coats based on the effects you would like to achieve. 

Here’s an overview of some of the most popular European hardening oil finishes we carry:

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Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2C: This is a two-component finish with added color. It colors and protects the floor in just one application layer. The biggest advantages of Oil Plus 2C include that it’s quick drying (typically achieves an 80% cure in just two days), very durable and long lasting, and it comes in a wide range of different colors, including the very popular Smoke 5%, as well as a variety of other colors including Charcoal, Walnut, and many more. Click here to view the full color chart. 

WOCA Penetrating Diamond Oil Active: An extremely durable, plant-based product, Diamond Oil Active is available in 9 popular colors including caramel brown, concrete gray, extra white, and more. Click here to browse our available selection of Diamond Oil Active varieties. This product is low VOC and will provide a non-slip surface that’s extremely water repellent and easy for the end client to maintain. 

WOCA Penetrating Color Oil: WOCA penetrating oil is available in twelve different colors, ranging from Black to Extra White. It’s made of all natural ingredients, containing no color pigments and has low VOCs. WOCA Penetrating Oil penetrates deep into the wood to provide a durable finish and a deep, lasting color. Apply two coats for best results. For a finish and a color that will last, this product allows you to create colors for every palate without staining, saving you valuable time on the job. This product is compatible with all WOCA pretreatment products. 

Bona Craft Oil 2K:  Another option for a durable European hardening oil product, Bona Craft Oil 2K offers a quick-drying and durable finish, ready for light use in just 8 hours. The finished product is extremely water- and stain-resistant. Catalyzed with a hardener for greater durability, you can use this as a standalone product or add any finish from the Bona Traffic family to add to its durability. Like other European hardening oil products, Bona Craft Oil 2K is easy for the end customer to maintain. 

Loba Impact Oil is designed for high traffic commercial areas and accentuates the natural character of the wood while fortifying and protecting it from within. The natural, satin appearance allows you to offer the matte look that is currently popular with many customers. Impact Oil is easy to apply, with the process taking only one day. Loba Impact Oil offers excellent water resistance and anti-slip properties.  

As you can see, there are many options for European hardening oils, all of which will help you achieve a stunning end result for your customers. Click here to browse our full selection of these products, or call (800) 737-1786 for more information on these products.

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