The Norton Durite Advantage

Norton Durite screens are a 100% silicon carbide abrasive with tough X-weight cotton backing for quality cut and strength on the job. They provide undeniable value and consistent performance at a competitive price.

Use them to screen a floor in between coats to make finish and stain penetration more even and to ensure that the overall floor will come out better in general. You’ll be happy with the results whenever you use Durite screens on a job. Click here to purchase Norton Durite screens. Norton Durite Sanding Screens

These screens provide the Norton value that you’ve come to expect. The silicon carbide material is perfect for screening softwoods like pine. This material also provides the screen with a long life compared to screens made of other materials.

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Norton Durite screens provide consistent performance coupled with a competitive price. The traditional silicon carbide grain that is great for removing old wax and varnish coatings as well as sanding softwoods like pine and fir that tend to load the paper more readily.

These screens are perfect for sanding in between coats of certain finish. Though screening in between coats is optional, we recommend doing so because it’s a great way to improve adhesion for a perfect, problem-free finish every time. (Always read the finish manufacturer’s instructions for specific instructions and details.)

The tough cotton backing of the screens provides a quality cut and excellent strength, durability, and an overall great performance on the job.

Click here to purchase Norton Durite screens and see the difference for yourself.

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