Gym Floor Spring Specials are in Bloom!

Spring Savings Banner - Gym Floor Final

After a particularly rough winter it looks like the weather is just about to settle into clear skies and pleasant temperatures.

What a better way to celebrate that than with a Spring Sale!

For all you gym floor contractors out there we have some great products on sale until May 30th!

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One such product is the Norton Red Heat Cloth Roll. We have the 12×25 rolls on sale in  just about every grit you need when sanding a floor! Norton Red Heat Cloth Rolls have a patented ceramic alumina abrasive that lasts longer than other brand abrasives. The product’s cloth backing helps absorb shocks and keeps the sandpaper smooth on the wood.

We also have two different Bona finishes on sale. The first is Bona SuperSport Gloss finish which is a two-component waterborne finish that is specifically formulated for use on maple sports floors. This fast-drying, non-yellowing finish will stay clear even after several recoats. The Bona SuperSport One is also on sale. A one-component waterborne finish, Bona SuperSport One is also a fast drying finish — approximately two to three hour dry time. Like its sister product, it offers a tough and durable finish specifically designed for use on sports floors.

Another product we have for sale this spring is a Clarke American 12″ Drum Assembly. Even if you take immaculate care of your equipment, there will probably be a time when certain parts need to be replaced. This is a perfect time to have your Clarke sander checked out. If you do need a drum assembly, why not let our in-house machine shop take care of the repair work?

Lastly we have Primatech 2″ L Cleats, Padco 18″ and 24″ Mohair Coater Refills, and the Philly Floor 3ph Voltage Booster Box on sale.

With spring is just around the corner, now is the perfect time to load up on supplies for the coming months!

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