How to Install or Level the Wheels on a Lagler Hummel 8” Belt Floor Sander

If you need to replace the wheels on your Lagler Hummel 8″ Belt Hardwood Floor Sander then we have the steps to help you through the process. Watch the video or read below for assistance with this maintenance. If you’d rather not do this yourself, you can trust the experts in our shop to do it for you — click here to learn more about our machine repair shop.

  • Flip the machine over on the motor side.
  • Move the belt cover and secure the control handle to secure the control rod. This will keep the wheel truck up inside the chassis of the machine when you are working on the wheel bolts.
  • Remove the wheel bolts with the washers so you gain access to the hub.
  • Pull the wheels off.
  • Install the new wheels. You will need a metric hex wrench. These wrenches are bundled with the Hummel when you purchase one.
  • Take the wheel leveling tool that comes with the Hummel kit and loosen the nut on the adjustable side to release pressure from the clamp on the wheel shaft.
  • Take measurement of the wheel height using the leveling tool. This measurement should be on the permanent side of the Hummel.
  • Flip the leveling tool around to the adjustable side. Hold the wheel in place so it does not move down. Position the wheel so it is at the same measurement as the permanent side. Lightly tighten the adjustable side nut. Check your measurements so they are accurate.
  • Once the wheels are perfectly level, tighten up the adjustable side nut. Even if the wheels are off by 1/16h of an inch, they will cause the machine to sand improperly.
  • Flip the machine onto the wheels to perform a lateral wheel level test. Make sure you are getting a full 8 inches when you are sanding.

If you have any questions about replacing or leveling the wheels on your Lagler Hummel 8″ Sander, feel free to contact us at City Floor Supply. We can be reached at (800) 737-1786. To purchase a Lagler Hummel 8″ Belt Floor Sander, click here.

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