How a simple piece of carpet can save you time and money

Carpet stain applicators are circular pads cut from carpets that are used to apply hardwood floor stains to your floors. They attach to a rotary buffer via a white or red scotchbrite pad, holding onto the stain and applying it evenly as you work across the floor.

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Why use carpet pads to apply stain to hardwood floors?

Carpet pads cut down on the amount of stain you’ll use to complete a job. The speediness of the buffer allows you to cover the entire room in one quick pass, while the wood absorbs the stain the entire time. One quart of stain can typically cover between 150 and 250 SF of floor if applied with a carpet pad.

Using a carpet pad makes the stain dry faster because the buffer’s rotary action creates heat. The buffer’s ability to evenly apply the stain (unlike applying it manually) further contributes to efficient drying.

These pads make the stain application process more comfortable. Using them will eliminate the need to be on your hands and knees during a majority of the stain application process. According to Joe Glavin of City Floor Supply, you’ll be “off your knees 85 percent of the time” if you use one.

They’re also convenient to use because you don’t need any special equipment––they attach straight to your buffer.

Using a carpet pad that was specifically manufactured for stain application is recommended over using a piece of flooring carpet because many carpets contain chemicals for stain resistance. Using stain on a carpet pad that contains one of these chemicals would prove disastrous.

When using a carpet applicator pad, you have to make sure that the color penetration is right. Because the pad allows you to use less stain, you might not achieve the desired color, so you have to monitor results and adjust accordingly.

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