How to Use Your Hardwood Flooring Equipment Without Voltage Drops

Booster Box

City Floor Supply’s 3-phase Voltage Booster Box is a boost converter that sports and commercial floor contractors can’t afford to ignore.

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The most important function of a booster is that it increases the amount of voltage running from a panel box to the piece of equipment. It’s especially practical when using flooring equipment in large spaces. It’s not uncommon for larger jobs to require a bunch of cable and inevitably cause voltage drop.

Usually when sanding a sports floor, the voltage drawn by the machine decreases as you move it further away from the power source. The motors will run slower and increase the current draw, so not only will there be potential damage to the motor, but your sanding performance can be affected.

Using a booster box allows the machine to draw a steady stream of power no matter how far away from the power source it is. You’re able to maintain a high level of efficiency as you work your way across the floor.

The booster box also saves you time by automatically syncing the phases of your machine’s motor once you plug it in. This eliminates the need to manipulate the wiring in the machine’s plug or the electrical box to get your motors turning in the proper direction, keeping you safe on the job.

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