How Bona Mega ONE Makes it Easy to Finish Wood Floors

Bona Mega ONE FinishBona Mega ONE makes finishing wood floors easy for many reasons. Reason number one? It’s a finish and primer in one––no need to purchase two separate products to finish and prime the floors.

Bona Mega ONE is a clear, colorless, non-yellowing, and a one-component product. The non-yellowing quality makes it perfect finish to use in situations where you want to maintain the color of the wood, such as with a species like maple, which naturally yellows with age. Mega ONE provides a great amount of durability. This is a waterbased hardwood floor finish offering outstanding scuff resistance and superior leveling qualities.

Mega ONE is especially forgiving and easy to use with a variety of application tools, whether you’d like to use a roller or a t-bar to apply it. You can also cut-in with a pad.

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This product dries quickly. Only five days are needed for a full cure.

There are many different options when using this product. Use Bona Mega ONE as a regular topcoat over a Bona DriFast Stain or a Bona sealer. Or use it as an intermediate build coat over stain or sealer, and top-coat with any other Bona waterbased finish. Bona recommends applying two coats for residential jobs and adding a third coat for high-traffic areas.

Bona Mega ONE allows you to be more price-competitve on those jobs where you don’t need the extreme durability of a finish like Bona Traffic HD, yet still want to provide a good amount of durability while not spending as much on materials.

This product is available in Satin, Matte, and Semi Gloss. Click here to browse all Bona Mega ONE finish available on our website.

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