Wood Floor Bending and Other Techniques to Attract High-End Clients

During our NWFA Advanced Installation Course in 2019, Jason Elquest, Regional NWFA Instructor and owner of Blackhawk Floors, demonstrated how to bend wood for a custom hardwood flooring project. Watch the video above to see an amazing wood floor bending design in action, which Jason achieved by screwing smaller pieces into the piece of wood he wanted to bend. It makes the grain appear as if it follows the bend in the wood.

This is a technique that can help you position yourself as a higher end wood floor contractor. 

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Keep in mind that different species will bend differently. For example, white oak will usually bend pretty easily, according to Jason. 

Here’s what the design looked like fully installed: 

Wood Floor Bending Technique

This is just one technique you can add to your portfolio in order to attract higher-end clients and charge more as a wood floor contractor. Some other ideas include:

  • Presenting yourself professionally. Having a website set up for your company, being prompt to your appointments, and having everyone on your team wear a uniform during consultations and while working on projects are a big help. Our blog post about dealing with price objections has some helpful tips about this.
  • Offering custom colored wood floors. Stained wood floors are a great offering to have in your portfolio, as are matte floors. Being able to achieve exactly the look that your clients are looking for using custom colors is a great way to differentiate yourself. You can achieve floors with custom colors with a product like Bona DriFast Stain, which has 26 different colors which can be mixed and matched to create an infinite palette.
  • Using wide plank floors. Wide plank floors are especially high-end and in-demand. They convey luxury, so offering them as part of your repertoire will be more likely to attract higher-end clients.
  • Offering custom designs. Herringbone, parquet, and chevron are just a few of the wood floor patterns you can use to set yourself and your business apart from the rest. Check out this video from the same NWFA Advanced Installation Course specifically about installing parquet floors.
  • Using high quality materials at all times. It could be tempting sometimes to cut corners, but using the highest quality materials is the best way to ensure that you leave a trail of happy customers in your wake. 

If you’re planning on venturing into the world of high-end projects, our blog post about setting expectations for high end wood flooring projects is a must-read.

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