How to Change the Brushes on Clarke B2 and 7R Edgers

In one of our recent Facebook Live videos, Joe went over how to change the brushes on Clarke B2 and 7R edgers. This is a simple step you can take to keep your edger well-maintained and performing at its peak.

It’s important to swap your edger brushes out on a regular basis because the armature on the commutator can be worn down by the brushes over time, leading to arcing and poor performance. Brushes affect your RPM and your power. Worn-down brushes can burn up the armature, short out the copper bars, increase amp draw, and burn out switches. In short, letting your brushes wear down too much can lead to a host of electrical problems with your edger. 

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Regularly changing your brushes prevents you don’t from getting to this point. We recommend checking your edger brushes once a month.

The brushes in the B2 are fairly simple to check because you simply take off the lid and Changing Clarke B2 and 7R Edger Brushescheck how long the brushes are, making sure that they are not excessively worn. It’s a bit more complicated to check the brushes in the 7R due to their placement, but it is doable with a few simple tools and is a necessary step to take in order to keep your edger well-maintained. The B2 features a two-pole motor, meaning that it has two brushes. The 7R features a four-pole motor, meaning that it has four brushes.

Make sure to dress the commutator with a commutator stone when you’re done switching out your brushes, as Joe demonstrates in the video.

Overall, this is a pretty simple fix. Check out the video above to learn how to replace the brushes in your Clarke B2 or 7R edger. Click here to buy replacement brushes for your edger. We also sell commutator stones.

If you need to change your brushes but you can’t (or simply don’t want to!),and you’re local to King of Prussia, PA, you can bring your edger to our hardwood floor equipment repair shop.

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