Important Hand Tools for Hardwood Floor Contractors

We often focus on a lot of bigger machines. But the hand tools help out with the little details where a professional’s craftsmanship truly shines. In a recent Facebook Live video, Joe Glavin went over a few hand tools that every contractor should have in their toolbox. 

6 Must-Have Hand Tools for Hardwood Floor Contractors

Norton Hand Scraper –  One of the most effective scrapers we’ve used. Features a comfortable handle and a spot for your palm to help you apply pressure. The scraper is angled so that you can scrape corners effectively. This is a kit that includes scrapers, blades, and a sharpening jig that makes the sharpening process very easy.

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Crain Hand Wood MiterThis unique tool saves you from having to bring in a hand miter saw or electric miter saw to each jobsite. This compact hand miter tool allows you to cut trim and shoe and quarter round in various species with ease. You can make a straight cut or a 45 degree cut; either way, you’ll achieve a very sharp edge with no splitting out. This tool is great for retro tread fixes and treads for stairs. It’s small and literally fits in the palm of your hand, making its use a much easier process than constantly going up and down the stairs or walking back and forth to saw off little pieces with your miter box. The blade is also easily replaceable. This is a very popular tool amongst our customers!

Woodwise White Oak Test KitThis will help you identify the difference between red oak and white oak out in the field. Red oak sometimes looks very similar to white oak, especially if it’s old growth, so eliminate any uncertainty with this kit. Take some shavings off of the floor and saturate them with the solvents (part A and part B) that come with the kit. The solvents will react with extractives in white oak (tannic acid) to turn the shavings a greenish black color. Red oak won’t experience as much of a reaction, if at all. This kit can save you the trouble of installing white oak to match the existing floor in a home, only to find out later that the existing floor was red oak. The kit comes with enough material for several testings.  

Crain Staple Remover 126Easily and quickly removes carpet staples from the floor. Rather than using a screwdriver to pry them out, this slides right underneath the staples to quickly pop them out. The force grabs the crown of the staple and doesn’t let it go. The shoe on the tool prevents it from damaging the floor.

Fastenmaster HB220 Hot Melt Glue Applicator –  There are many different uses for this versatile glue gun. Use this for step work, moldings, to glue risers on a retro tread refit, the last board in a row, and many other situations. 40 and 180 glue available. Once this glue cures, it still allows the board to expand and contract.

Primatech Prim-Jack Floor Tightener – This tool helps you pull together or push in the boards to get everything nailed up or to help the adhesive set. A simple mechanism but an effective way to get your boards tight. Screw the PrimJack directly into the subfloor to use it.

Click the links above to purchase any of the hand tools mentioned in this article, or call us at (800) 737-1786 for more information.

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