How to Debunk Myths About Hardwood Floors

Busting Customer Myths About Hardwood Floors

Homeowners can have some misconceptions about hardwood floors. The onus is on you as the contractor to bust these myths if someone contacts you with questions about installing hardwood floors in certain situations. If you can convince your potential clients that these myths are just that––myths––you can set their mind at ease and convince them that they’ll be in the right hands when they work with you. We have listed some of the most common myths about hardwood floors below.

Myth #1: Hardwood floors are high maintenance – They don’t have to be! Hardwood floors are simple to care for with the right equipment. A broom or vacuum (preferably the latter), microfiber mop, and a cleaning solution like Bona’s Hardwood Floor Care Kit are virtually all your clients will need to take care of the floor and prevent a buildup of grit and dirt that could scratch the finish. Paired with a reasonable amount of caution on your client’s part––such as taking all shoes off at the entrance of the home and refraining from wearing high heels in the home––your clients will be able to maintain their floors and keep them looking good in the long run. 

Myth #2: Hardwood floors are not a good choice for homes with kids or pets – With a durable hardwood floor finish and proper maintenance and care, a hardwood floor can last for decades, especially if the homeowners get it refinished every few years as needed. The floor becomes even lower maintenance when they opt to install a prefinished engineered hardwood floor.

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Myth #3: Wood floor production is unsustainable and contributing to deforestation – This is not the case if you buy American-made wood floors. Hardwood floors are a more eco-friendly flooring choice than carpet because carpets have to be replaced more frequently than a wood floor, with the average carpet only lasting 10-15 years while a hardwood floor can last multiple generations when properly maintained and cared for. To ensure that the hardwood floors we sell are sustainably sourced, we sell FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified flooring. To get the FSC’s stamp of approval, forest operations must meet 57 criteria, including responsible forest management, local wildlife protection, and minimal pesticide use. To read more about the FSC’s standards, click here. White oak floors are considered to be one of the more sustainable choices because U.S. forest management and protection programs make sure these trees are regularly replanted in forests. Additionally, choosing reclaimed wood flooring can help to contribute to the overall eco-friendliness of your project.

Myth #4: Wood floors scratch easily – This is certainly not the case if a durable finish is applied and maintained properly. Oil-based polyurethane finishes and water-based finishes are the most popular types of hardwood floor finish. Provide the homeowner with information about the finish you’ve selected for their floors and why you’ve selected it. Make sure they know that to clean their floors regularly with the proper tools and products to get grit off of the floors and prevent scratches in the finish.

Myth #5: You can’t install hardwood floors in kitchens or bathrooms – You certainly can install hardwood floors in the kitchen or bathroom with the right finish! Reassure your clients that they can say goodbye to tile floors and usher in a modern feel with a hardwood floor. You can opt for a reclaimed floor to help disguise damage or scratches in higher-traffic areas like the kitchen, and install prefinished engineered hardwood floors to ensure stability in an environment where moisture is present like a bathroom. 

To help debunk these myths about hardwood floors, you can create content for your website and social media profiles that disseminates information about hardwood floors. Using your guidance and knowledge, you can quell your clients’ and potential clients’ fears and help them see how viable it is to install hardwood floors in their home. 

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