New 2020 Lagler Hummel Features

This year, Lagler made some pretty great improvements on the already legendary Lagler Hummel belt sander. Joe Glavin recently took some time to unbox a new Hummel and go through all of the new features (watch the full video above). 

Joe and Mike took a tour of the Lagler factory in Germany in September of 2019 and got to see the behind the scenes operations for themselves and experience first-hand the company’s commitment to quality and making constant improvements to their machines. 

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Lagler Factory Tour

Lagler has made improvements on an already phenomenal piece of equipment––just when you thought the Hummel couldn’t get any better, they’ve added a number of features that improve its functionality.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the Hummel goes together very quickly out of the crate––a testament to Lagler’s incredible manufacturing abilities.

New feature #1: Feathering Handle. Hummel added the feature of being able to use the palm of your hand to control feathering with this new addition. It’s ball bearing-driven, so there’s no friction wear. This new assembly will also fit your old Lagler if you’d like to buy it separately for your machine. 

New feature #2: Implementation of stop lock instead of wingnut on the control rod. The old control rod assembly sometimes led to the wingnut getting stripped over time. The new stop lock feature is a positive detent locking in the control rod, which allows you to control the height of the drum off of the floor. It’s a new, improved, quicker way of adjusting the control rod without risking it stripping out over time.

New feature #3: Built-in LED light. This feature was first introduced with the 2019 anniversary edition of the Hummel. The new LED light fixture is built into the head of the Hummel so you can see your sanding path in low-light situations, or on jobsites in the early morning or evening. The light doesn’t get in the way because it doesn’t stick out from the front of the machine. Even if you have a fully inflated dustbag, you will still be able to see the light. 

The vast majority of the Hummel is made in-house by Lagler. One of the only things that comes in from outside the Hummel factory is the motor, which is manufactured in local factory near the Lagler factory. This gives Lagler complete control over the quality of the machines they produce.  

As always, Lagler provides you with every tool you need to make adjustments to your Hummel to make it run perfectly. They include a tool for every nut, bolt, and screw on the machine. This includes a tool for adjusting the top roller, socket head wrenches, a tool for leveling the wheels, and more. The drum wrench included with the machine is now universal, will fit 8” or 12” versions of the Hummel. 

Removing the drum from the Hummel is really simple, the drum slides on and off easily with the tool. 

With these new features, Lagler has truly made improvements to an already great machine to make it function even better. Click here to buy a Lagler Hummel or call (800) 737-1786 for more information.

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