How to Get Consistent Scratch Patterns Using Your Edger

Are you trying to achieve a consistent scratch pattern using an edger? Watch Lenny Hall show how it can be done:

As you use your edger more, you’ll get a sense of how to best operate it. You’ll also be able to notice variations based on the grit. Just as Lenny does in the video, it can be helpful if you have a space to test your edger so you can see how the scratch patterns look.

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Lenny’s best piece of advice is to create a visual aid for yourself by applying a colored piece of tape with straight lines on it to the front of the edger. This small upgrade can make a big difference: it serves as a visual reminder while you are operating the edger. So as you are working you’ll know to orient the machine with the scratch pattern, in the direction of the wood fiber underneath the machine.

This simple trick will have you on your way to creating consistent scratch patterns in no time!

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