Product Review: Basic Coatings PureMatte

If you’re looking for a waterbased hardwood floor finish that can stand up to heavy foot traffic, Basic Coatings PureMatte makes an excellent candidate.

This finish provides superior wood floor protection while preserving the inherent natural beauty of the wood. It offers the same durability of Basic Coatings StreetShoe NXT, but with a flat matte finish.

PureMatte is a two-component finish that boasts some very unique features:

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  • It can be re-catalyzed, meaning that you’ll have less wasted finish.
  • The finish contains a UV inhibitor which minimizes sunlight related color changes, making it an excellent choice for limiting the bleaching effect over site-stained floors.
  • It offers one of the fastest cures available — you can achieve a 90% cure within 24 hours.
  • The application process is forgiving. This finish allows for touch-up blending if needed.

Basic Coatings PureMatteThe finish does a great job of preserving and even enhancing the natural beauty of hardwood floors. And because it’s waterbased, it helps keep you and your clients safe with less off-gassing of VOCs.

PureMatte also boasts best-in-class soil resistance and “cleanability”, which can help your clients keep their new floors looking great. This is an excellent way to sell your customers on this finish! Click here to buy Basic Coatings PureMatte.

PureMatte’s low-luster appearance and durability will keep hardwood floors beautiful years after the final coat. You can trust PureMatte in commercial and residential settings alike.

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