How to Replace Brushes on a Clarke B2 Edger

If your Clarke B2 Edger needs a brush replacement we have the instructions you need to change them out. Watch the video above or read the steps outlined below to replace the brushes.

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  • Remove screws on chassis that are mounting the brush assembly.
  • Remove terminal leads from stator.
  • Tap brush down to remove brush assembly. Note: New style carbon brushes have a copper lead on terminal. Older styles do not.
  • Feed copper lead through brush slot. Make sure the spring mechanism is free to move.
  • Put terminal on post. It is very important to compress the carbon brush and let it gently snap onto the commutator while simultaneously positioning the posts under the chassis mount.
  • Use screwdriver on outside of chassis to push the posts up.
  • Add screws and reattach terminal from the stator.
  • Once connections are complete turn on the edger. Seat brush with commutator stone to eliminate any arcing. The commutator brush will also help seat the brush to the radius of the commutator.

If you have any questions about replacing the brushes in Clarke B2 edger, feel free to contact us here at City Floor Supply. We can be reached at (800) 737-1786 or at

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