How to Replace the Switch on a Clarke B2 Edger

Do you need to replace the switch on your Clarke B2 Edger? Watch the video above or read the steps outlined below to complete your maintenance.

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  • If you do not have a ball wrench you must remove the dust pipe. If you do have a ball-end hex wrench, then you can remove the side handle screws without first removing the dust pipe.
  • Once the switch handle is off, loosen the retaining nut on the switch stem to work the switch assembly out of the handle.
  • When the switch is out do any clean up or removal needed to access the insulated terminals that are screwed on to the front and back side of the switch.
  • Remove the terminals and leads from the switch.
  • Grab the new switch. The off side of the toggle switch will have a notched slot on the stem of the switch.
  • Attach the terminals to the proper sides of the switch.
  • Wrap the new switch in electrical tape to secure the wires. The electrical tape will also prevent dead starts.
  • Place the new switch into the switch handle. You can use a height-adjusting nut to give more depth to the stem of the switch when it is in the handle.
  • Slide the on/off tag over the switch stem to indicate which direction is which. The off side of the tag will have a notch that fits over the slot on the stem.
  • Reassemble the handle.
  • Give the edger a test.

If you have any questions about replacing the switch on your Clarke B2 Edger, feel free to contact us here at City Floor Supply. We can be reached at (800) 737-1786 or

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