How To Replace Brushes On The American Sanders Super 7R Edger

In one of our recent videos, Joe and Miguel demonstrate how to replace the brushes in an American Sanders Super 7R Edger.

We recommend checking your edger brushes about once a month to make sure they aren’t excessively worn. Consistently changing the brushes on your edger is crucial because over time, these brushes can cause wear and tear on the commutator’s armature, leading to arcing and degraded performance. The state of your brushes directly impacts the revolutions per minute (RPM) and power of your edger. If the brushes are excessively worn, they could damage the armature, cause the copper bars to short circuit, boost the amp draw, and ruin the switches. Allowing your brushes to deteriorate excessively can trigger a range of electrical issues in your edger.

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The Super 7R edger has four carbon brushes that you will need to replace.

  1. Remove the screws to take off the brush cover plate.
  2. Remove the front and back vents and switch covers. There is a carbon brush underneath each of these pieces.
  3. Remove the terminals from the brush blocks.
  4. Replace the old brush springs with the new ones.
  5. Replace the old brushes with the new ones.
  6. Reassemble all parts.

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