How to replace an American Sanders Super 7R Edger Pad

In this video, Joe and Miguel explain how to remove and replace the edger pad on an American Sanders Super 7R edger.

A note of caution before you begin: be careful when removing the edger pad because the armature that goes through with the pinion gear that drives the pad is threaded. Try to avoid unseating the threaded pinion gear because it is left-handed and the direction which you’re going to be taking the edger pad off would spin it off.

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  1. Remove the exhaust. There are four socket head cap screws and a gasket. 
  2. Next, use a spanner wrench to break the threading free using a quick hit to avoid disturbing the pinion gear. Now you should be able to remove the edger pad.
  3. Note: be sure to put the washer underneath the edger pad backing aside and put it back once you put everything together again. This will also help you avoid unseating the pinion gear.
  4. Replace the old edger pad with the new one — it’s a right-handed thread and it should spin on.
  5. Put everything back together.
  6. Dress the pad on a flat surface, with the casters against the surface, to remove any potential high spots in the rubber of the new edger pad and prevent it from hopping.

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If you have any questions about this process, call us at (800) 737-1786 or take your edger in to our machine repair shop located in King of Prussia, PA. 

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