How to Use a Lambswool Applicator to Apply Floor Finish

Lambswool applicator

What is a lambswool applicator?

A lambswool applicator is one of the recommended methods for applying oil-based finish to a hardwood floor. A quality lambswool applicator is made of exactly what the name implies––lambs’ wool––and will help you spread your finish evenly to achieve a beautiful end result. 

Most lambswool applicators come attached to a wood block which you can simply attach to the end of a pole in order to apply finish, and replace as needed. 

If you’re working with a new lambswool applicator, be careful––the fibers tend to get stuck in wet finish. Before you put your new applicator to use, comb out the lambswool or cover it with a piece of tape and rip off the tape to get rid of any loose or stray fibers.  

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When should you use a lambswool applicator?

A lambswool applicator is an excellent tool to use when applying oil-based hardwood floor finishes. You can also use it for applying most oil-based stains to hardwood floors, as well as certain paints and other products. 

To apply an oil-based finish to a hardwood floor using a lambswool applicator, work slowly while making sure to cover every inch of the floor. Don’t completely soak your lambswool with the finish––instead, focus on applying the product to a small area at a time, making sure the floor is covered evenly with finish, before pouring more onto the next working area. This will help you avoid creating bubbles in your final product.

As you’re working, be sure to cut into the perimeter of the floor and other areas where your applicator won’t reach with a Padco applicator or other similar tool. 

Repeat the same process with additional coats according to the finish manufacturer’s instructions. 

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How to store and clean a lambswool applicator

A lambswool applicator is durable and can last quite a while, which means that you can use it multiple times before putting a new one to use. Store your lambswool in mineral spirits once you’re done for the day. Once it’s sufficiently worn, simply replace it. 

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