Provincial Unfinished Floors

Provincial Unfinished Floors red oak

Provincial offers high quality unfinished red oak and white oak floors––classic species that are both quite popular with homeowners. 

What makes Provincial floors special? Since these floors are unfinished, you can customize them to your customer’s liking. Try some stains like English Chestnut, Gunstock, or simply keep it natural with a durable matte finish. During a time when homeowners want increasing control over the design of their homes, including their floors, the ability to install high quality unfinished floors and customize them with various stains and treatments is an important skill.

Another benefit of choosing Provincial unfinished floors is that you can refinish a floor like this numerous times, unlike an engineered floor which has a very thin wear layer on top which can only be refinished a few times throughout the life of the flooring.

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Natural, unfinished solid wood offers character marks which further add to the overall beauty of these floors.

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