HyperTone Training Recap

On Tuesday, June 18, we held a HyperTone/Basic Coatings training at our headquarters in which participants learned how to apply HyperTone and other Basic Coatings products to wood floors. We were able to achieve some great results thanks to Tim Nathan and Phil Pitts of Basic Coatings, who were there to demo the products.

We had a great turnout for this event and were happy to see so many contractors there to learn more about correctly applying stain and finish.

Check out our Facebook Live video of the first two panels.

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Panel 1: Graywashed White Oak

Using the gray HyperTone stain helped Tim and Phil achieve a graywashed look in the floor, which is increasingly popular, especially in more upscale settings.

Panel 2: Coated with Easy Street Finish

Easy Street is a great product. Even though the conditions in the warehouse were extremely humid, it was almost completely dry within an hour. Easy Street is ready for a second coat in two hours under most circumstances.

Panel 3: Red Oak Stained with HyperTone Hickory and Coated with Lock and Seal

Basic Coatings Lock and Seal is a great sealer which prevents darkening from heavy spots and applicator marks. Additionally, it can coat a wide range of species, including exotics, without color change. Lock ‘N Seal™ makes sealing floors easier, all with a low VOC count of 275 and has tannin blockers.

We love to educate contractors, which is why we host events like this. Stay tuned for more events like this!

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    Hi Everyone,
    I enjoyed learning more about the stain and finish proceedures that you were so kind to share on your site!
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