Basic Coatings HyperTone Stains Training Workshop

On June 18th from 10 AM to 12 PM, we will hold a FREE Basic Coatings training session to teach contractors how to use new BasicCoatings HyperTone stains. Click here to reserve your spot now. During the workshop, we will go over the following things during this session:  

  • Water Pop and Deal with Grain Raise
  • See How Quickly it Drys – Always within 4 Hours
  • Eliminate the Potential of Rag Fire Horror
  • Achieve any Dramatic Color
  • Properly Apply Stain
  • Repair Stain Issues
  • Apply Finish Over Stain

Space is limited and this is a free event, so reserve your spot now! One of the reasons why we highly recommend this product is because there’s no risk of rag fires because the formula is non-flammable.

HyperTone stains utilize a proprietary water/oil hybrid technology to deliver revolutionary penetration of high-quality pigment. This brand-new stain line is available in 14 standard colors, including primary colors, and can be mixed and matched to complement any existing design style. Rich and deep colors can be endlessly mixed and matched. Non-flammable, so stain rags of this product will not spontaneously combust. Easy to clean up using just soap and water. Low, non-offensive odor. Fast drying, ready to walk on in as little as 30 minutes. Easy application for use on maple, oak, and almost all wood floor species.

Lunch is included! All participants will also become certified contractors listed on our website will receive a $100 CFS gift certificate. This is a free event, so seats will fill up fast – be sure to secure your spot today. Click here to sign up now.

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