Interview with Lenny Hall, NWFA Intermediate Installation Trainer

NWFA Training April 25-27

We recently sat down with Lenny Hall, who will be conducting the NWFA Intermediate Installation Training and NWFACP Installation Testing at City Floor Supply from April 25-27, to get his insight on the benefits of this training.

Only a few spots are left – click here to register!

Could you give us a bit of background on what you do for the NWFA?

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I am a regional instructor. My job is to lead technical training schools I am assigned to wherever NWFA has them.

I serve on the Contractor Steering Committee that offers guidance to the Board for Contractor related issues or needs.

I serve on the Magazine Editorial Committee that checks magazine articles for technical content accuracy and written in understandable language.

And I also serve on the NWFA Board of Directors.

Why should contractors take this training? How can it help them grow as installers?

There is no better reason than to better oneself. Everyone has the need to improve their skill set, becoming a more valued employee or for a business, a more effective and quality driven company.

What are some of the skills that contractors will learn at this training?

Attendees can expect to gain information in three key areas:

Technical: moisture testing, subfloor condition, layout methods, proper installation techniques and more.

Aesthetic: Board selection, balanced layouts, looking at the floor through the owner’s eyes, etc.

Business: proving value for the product, presentation styles, customer relationships.

How can becoming an NWFA Certified Installer help contractors grow their businesses?

The certification can be leveraged to distinguish themselves from lesser skilled competitors.

The NWFA is recognized worldwide as the go-to authority on wood floors. Having a certification from NWFA that establishes one’s capability to meet industry standards can give homeowners and other clients a sense of confidence that the person they hired will do a better job than one who isn’t certified.

If you could say one thing to a contractor who might be on the fence about signing up for the training, what reason would you give them to go ahead and invest?

Take the time to be better than you were. Spending a few days away from the day to day so you can be more efficient, effective and skilled for decades to come is a no brainer.

I have trained hundreds and hundreds of attendees. Some had doubts about coming but once the training started, all of them say that they leave knowing what is taught would make them more money being a better installer than when they arrived.

Click here to register for the NWFA Intermediate Installation Training and NWFACP Installation Testing at City Floor Supply, or click here to learn more about this training and how it can help contractors.

If you have any questions about this event, call us at (800) 787-1786 or email

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