Using TransTint Liquid Dye to Create Eye-Popping Wood Floors

TransTint liquid dye makes it easy to incorporate beautiful, unconventional colors into your hardwood flooring. You’ll be sure to wow your customers with the intensity of the colors you create!

Transtint Liquid Dye for Wood Floors | City Floor SupplyTransTint is a solution of metal-complex dyes in a special solvent that comes in a number of bright, eye-popping shades so you can create a truly unique look in your hardwood flooring projects.

Bright red, green, and lemon yellow are just a few colors available in TransTrint dye. This product also comes in more traditional colors like dark walnut and coffee brown for more conventional projects.

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Versatile and easy to mix

TransTint is highly adaptable to the needs of your project––it can be mixed in a variety of ways. You can use this product as a dye stain on bare wood by mixing with tap or distilled water. If you mix TransTint with alcohol, you will create a non-grain raising stain.

Since these dyes are compatible with a variety of finishes, you can also use them as finish toners. Add TransTint directly to water-based finish, shellac, clear lacquers, or catalyzed varnish. If you need to “amberize” that sealer to get an oil modified look, TransTint can help.

TransTint dye is pre-dissolved, so no waiting or straining is required. Click here to buy TransTint.

Highly customizable for eye-popping projects

If you’re creating a custom pattern, like a sun in the middle of the floor or a custom medallion, TransTint is the perfect product to make your design pop!

All TransTint colors are intermixable so you can create some truly unique, remarkable shades for nearly limitless possibilities.

Using TransTint

For best results, mix a small amount of the dye and finish or solvent together before applying it to the whole floor. Monitor the results and adjust as needed. TransTint dye will look different on each species its appearance will change based on the finish or solvent it is mixed with.

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