Last Chance to Register for the NWFA Intermediate Installation Training!

Next week we’re offering an NWFA Intermediate Installation training in our King of Prussia warehouse, and there are only a few spots left! Click here to claim your spot now.

If you want to give your career a boost before the busy season hits, this is your final chance to register for the NWFA Intermediate Installation training. The training will take place on April 25-27, with NWFA installation certification testing taking place on April 28.

Registration closes Tuesday, April 25, the first day of the event.

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You already know that knowledge and experience set you apart in a field where contractors are a dime a dozen and local competition is fierce.

Becoming an NWFA Certified Installer can do wonders for your career. This event will give you hands-on training that will truly set you apart from your competitors who aren’t certified.

You’ll learn a variety of crucial skills, such as how to conduct proper jobsite evaluation, preparation, and flooring repairs. You will also receive hands-on training in a variety of installation techniques with engineered and solid floors alike, and you’ll learn the proper safety measures to follow in a variety of installation situations.

This will give you the confidence to impress potential customers and boost your business just in time for the busy season.

Click here to read more about this event, or read our interview with Lenny Hall, who will be conducting the training.

Lunch will be provided. The training will take place from 8 AM to 5 PM each day, April 25 through 27, in our King of Prussia warehouse. Click here to register now and boost your business’s credibility by becoming an NWFA Certified Installer!

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