Make an Impact with Loba ImpactOil

Loba HS 2K Impact Oil Color Chart

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Loba HS 2K ImpactOil is a perfect finish for almost any hardwood floor. This is a high-solid natural oil wood floor finish. The product is high quality and ensures best cost performance, fortifying the wood from the inside out while providing eye-catching color.

Loba ImpactOil expands the Loba selection of wood floor care products. This two-component product gives the wood a gentle tone, highlighting the wood structure and the natural grain.

It exhibits excellent wear and chemical resistance and is ideal for high-traffic commercial areas. It’s a convenient and efficient product to use because it’s a penetrating oil finish and color all in one! ImpactOil is safe and simple to use, and provides lasting protection and color to the floors. 

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The ImpactOil coloring system allows for the production of high quality oil colors which are 100% natural and solvent-free. And it’s aptly named because these colors truly make an impact! All 17 colors can be mixed with one another, allowing for infinitely customizable options to offer your clients.  

Loba HS 2K ImpactOil is available in 17 designer colors: Black, White, Grey Mahogany, Walnut, Smoked Oak, Kambala, Sucupira, Wenge, Antique Oak, Papyrus, Chalk, Oyster, Clay, Sand, Pearl, and Silver

The application process

Apply the first layer with a trowel, and wait approximately 20 minutes for it to penetrate. Then, screen the floor, apply the second coat with a trowel, and allow the second coat to penetrate. The floor should be walkable after 12 hours and usable after 24 hours in most cases.

Watch our videos about applying Loba ImpactOil:

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