Wakol Montinator Adhesive

Wakol Montinator Adhesive (MS-245) is a one component MS polymer adhesive and sealant for gluing and jointing of most building materials such as wood.

This is a very high quality adhesive originally intended for installing vinyl or wood planking on walls, but you can use it to install vinyl wood floors.

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Regardless of the dimensional stability of the wood, it will keep the planks in place. This makes it perfect for use with a project involving pre-bent vinyl stair treads because it will ensure that the treads don’t move, which is essential for making sure the stairs are safe to use.

This is a standard caulk tube as opposed to the 20 oz. adhesive sausage tubes. However, it’s easy to convert this tube to fit into a sausage gun. See the above video starting around 1:40 for instructions. This will allow you to use Wakol Montinator with the same kind of gun that you would use for sausages. Wakol Montinator comes in a box of 12.

This product is flexible, water resistant, and paintable, and contains zero VOCs.

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