Norton Blaze Edger Discs Available in New Sizes

Earlier this year, Norton released new sizes of Blaze discs so that you can now have Blaze on your floor edger, no matter the size of your machine! 

Make quick work of edging hardwood floors with these new disc sizes. Norton has designed these discs with ceramic grain that allows them to achieve much more aggressive stock removal than conventional abrasive technology.

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With these new sizes, you can now tap into the power of this abrasive no matter the size or type of machine you have.

The 7 Inch Bolt on Large Hole (7 x 7/8) edger discs are compatible with 7″ large-hole (7/8″) bolt on floor edgers such as the American Sanders Super 7R and the Lagler Unico.

The 7 Inch Bolt on Small Hole (7 x 5/16) edger discs are compatible with 7″ small-hole (5/16″) bolt on floor edgers such as the American Sanders B-2.

Norton Blaze is also now available in 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” no hole discs.

Constructed with premium ceramic grain, Norton Blaze sanding discs cut fast with unsurpassed longevity and are extremely effective for getting down to bare wood even on prefinished floors. The open-coat-grain design keeps loading to a minimum during aggressive cutting to allow efficient sanding through multiple layers of even the toughest floor coatings. Add an abrasive like this to your repertoire so you’re ready for the toughest jobs. 

Click here to learn more about the technology behind Norton Blaze.

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