The Primatech Edge Eliminates the Need for Face Nailing

Demoing the new Primatech Edge

The new Primatech Edge will completely revolutionize the way you install hardwood floors. This nailer eliminates the need for face nailing because it features a curved blade, and it uses special cleats which curve once they’re inserted into the wood. No need to facenail and fill in the resulting holes with wood putty.

Check out Parts 1 and 2 of our Facebook Live demo of the Primatech Edge below. Watch our two-part live demonstration of the new Primatech Edge below. We streamed this live on our Facebook page on June 21, 2018.  

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The Edge is designed to nail up to the last full board with maximum holding power and efficiency.

Whereas almost any other nailer won’t allow you to get close to the wall, the clever vertical design of the Primatech Edge lets you get right up against the wall. The fact that this nailer can be actuated from any angle further contributes to its extreme simplicity of use.

You only need one of these tools for your entire team. This will help you create a much neater nailing job, minimize callbacks, and install floors faster.

Click here to purchase the Primatech Edge today.

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