Norton Red Heat Offers a High Quality Abrasive for Any Machine

Norton Red Heat Abrasives

The Norton Red Heat line of floor sanding abrasives is a professional’s favorite. These high-performance abrasives are designed to perform when they’re needed the most. The premium ceramic grain allows these products to stay sharp longer while still cutting fast and aggressively. What’s even better, they are engineered to offer an extended life so you can finish without having to frequently stop and change the abrasive.

Norton Red Heat Belts: Available in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any floor sander, these are some of the most effective and aggressive sanding belts you can get. The Norton Red Heat grain is engineered for longer life, less loading and faster cutting speed in materials. Norton Red Heat’s sharp ceramic grain removes material by slicing through the top surface creating a cross-hatch pattern that minimizes heat build up over other discs.

Norton Red Heat Edger Discs:  With a wide variety of sizes available, these discs will fit most traditional edgers, such as the Clarke 7R, as well as toekick edgers such as the Lagler Elan. Norton SG Red Heat’s patented grain technology cuts cooler and provides a finer surface over conventional products. This is a 100 grit edger disc and is sold in increments of 25 discs. Norton Red Heat edger discs are available in bolt-on and hook-and-loop varieties. 

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Norton Red Heat Rolls: Available in a variety of sizes to fit most types of hardwood floor belt sanders. Featuring an exceptionally fine grain, this product cuts fast and lasts up to three times longer when sanding sports floors, aluminum oxide finishes, and the hardest exotic woods. Each roll is made from super-sharp ceramic grains, which reduce surface buildup and allow you to get a long life out of each roll so you can get more done in less time, saving money on sanding belts.

Norton Red Screens: Available sizes that will fit various hardwood floor buffers, Norton Red Heat sanding screens have a wear rate up to three times that of silicon carbide discs and they are long lasting, tough, and flexible. Use these screens to abrade between coats of certain finishes and for final sanding to blend sanding marks from the edger and your sander.

No matter what kind of floor machine you’re using, Norton Red Heat is the superior abrasive choice for hardwood floor professionals looking to save time and money on the job. Click here to browse our full line of abrasives. 

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