Why Choose Reclaimed White Oak Hardwood Floors?

Distressed hardwood floor

Oak is one of the biggest commodities that America has to offer. There is so much of it! So it’s only natural that oak was primarily used to build the country’s original infrastructure.

Unfortunately, as time has passed by, these structures have become worn down and unused. However, the reclamation process is here to save the day! Reclamation allows prior used oak boards and planks to be furnished and repurposed into beautiful flooring with a ton of character.

Recently, reclaimed hardwood floors have become very popular, and for good reason too! Interior decorators and DIY-ers have been raving about these floors and have been highly recommending them to their clients and customers. Here are some reasons as to why you should start offering reclaimed hardwood floors to your clients, if you haven’t already: 

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They support green building efforts

As a society, we have become more and more environmentally conscious. We continuously monitor how our actions and day-to-day routines can be more resource efficient and less wasteful, and the hardwood flooring industry is no exception to this.

Reclamation allows for used wood to be repurposed and reused in new settings. Our reclaimed floor planks are 100% recycled and built to endure within a home. This way, less wood and reusable material are sent to waste. By using reclaimed flooring, you are doing your part in being more environmentally conscious and efficient.

Using reclaimed hardwood floors in your projects could also earn you LEED points.

The floors have history

Reclaimed flooring is constructed from vintage barns, old commercial buildings, and other structures that have a ton of history. This is especially true for reclaimed floors made of white oak, given the fact that this species was widely used in construction during the early years of the country’s history.

Each board is handcrafted by hard floor artisans to produce a unique and distinctive flooring. By implementing reclaimed flooring in a space, you are allowing a bit of history to come along with the floors. Where ever the wood has been prior, its essence comes along with the wood––literally and figuratively. The wood mostly shows its history through its appearance.  

Reclaimed floors offer a timeless look

Of course, for many homeowners, it all comes down to the appearance of the flooring. Reclaimed white oak floors have a very rustic look. They have worm holes, knots, and other character marks left over from their days serving their original purpose. This gives the floors a timeless, vintage look which is trendy and  many. Often, people choose this type of flooring to create a rustic/vintage look in the room.

The knots and nail holes of the wood prominently show along with the natural distressed character that occurs over time time, creating a beautiful and ageless floor.

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