NWFA 2022 Intermediate Sand and Finish Course Recap

From May 3 – May 5 we hosted an NWFA Intermediate Sand & Finish Course run by Lenny Hall and it was a great success!

The 18 students worked on a total of nine panels and learned a variety of sand and finishing techniques. Some of the techniques this intensive, hands-on course covered included:

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  • Sanding a variety of flooring types, including multidrectional flooring and covering multiple different species
  • Minimizing scratch patterns when sanding
  • Choosing the correct grit sequence
  • Application of stain, sealers, paints, natural oils, waxes, colorants, conditioners, wood bleach, and finishes
  • Board replacement
  • Big machine maintenance
  • Using an edger to remove scratches
  • Using a buffer and planetary sander
  • Dust containment
  • How to prevent drum marks, streaks, chatter, wave, and troughs
  • Eliminating swirl marks
  • Handscraping 
  • Water-popping
  • Final detailing
  • Repairing shoeprints in finish
  • Repairing dents and gouges
  • Repairing bleedback in paint and stain

….and much more.

Students received 24 continuing certification units and now qualify for the NWFA Advanced Finish Course. There was also testing on Friday, May 6th for those who wanted to take the Hands-on Sand and Finish Certification Test and met all other Certification requirements. Completion of this course along with the NWFA Intermediate Installation Course also allows the students to qualify for attending the NWFA Inspector School.

If you didn’t attend but still want some education, we will be publishing some lessons we recorded in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Lenny Hall of Endurance Floor Company for doing a great job of leading the class as always. Thanks also to Kathleen Freeman of Absolute Coatings, Lynn Brinkman of Duraseal, Marc Schulz of Lagler, James Toal of Loba Wakol, and Phill Pitts of Basic Coatings for helping out! Thanks also to Rob Johnson of American Sanders, Mike Dittmer from Bona, Damian Bush from Berger-Seidle, and Jeremy Farmer from Glitza.

We’re already looking forward to the next NWFA course!

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