Galaxy Elite Edger

Save $224 on Galaxy Elite Edger

Click here to save $224 on the Galaxy Elite edger through 5/31/20!

This is a great tool that is specifically engineered to save you time and money on the job.

The Galaxy Elite Edger features a 2-speed design with a low and high setting. The low setting gives you a cleaner, more consistent finish which is perfect for sanding the perimeter of a room. The high speed setting gives you fast stock removal for problem areas.

The Elite edger’s ergonomically designed handles which relieves back strain, while keeping the machine low enough to the ground to keep it stable.

This edger is belt-driven rather than gear-driven, meaning that you don’t have to lubricate the machine with oil to keep it going. This also makes the system more efficient and ensures that it operates quietly.

Engineered for great air flow, enabling maximum dust collection. This is especially important feature when working with an edger, because they can be one of the dustier machines.

Built-in fluorescent lighting will show you any marks immediately for constant quality monitoring. Correct them as you go! Get the job done right the first time.

Click here to save $224 on the Galaxy Elite edger through 5/31/20!

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