Product Spotlight: Basic Coatings Street Shoe NXT


Basic Coatings Street Shoe NXT

What’s the next big thing in the hardwood floor finish market? Basic Coatings’ recently debuted Street Shoe NXT represents the next frontier in water-based coatings.

You already know and love Basic Coatings Street Shoe, and this is an evolution of that product. Street Shoe NXT is specifically formulated to increase the performance and quality of the Street Shoe finish you already love.

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Its advanced nontechnology formula is extremely durable. This makes it a great choice for use in entryways, hallways, kitchens, and anywhere that sees a lot of foot traffic.

This product is incredibly easy to apply and achieves a 90% cure in first day, so you could apply a coat at night and resume light traffic the following day.

Street Shoe NXT contains UV inhibitors to minimize any color changes resulting from exposure to sunlight. This can help cut down on fading in species that are particularly susceptible to it, such as American Cherry.

You can apply this products directly over stain.

In terms of eco-friendliness, Street Shoe NXT represents an improvement of the standard Street Shoe formula. NXT contains 275 grams/liter VOC, compared to standard Street Shoe’s 350 grams/liter. NXT is also LEED compliant, which opens you up to working with more sustainable projects and earning LEED points.

This product has great chemical resistance, which means it will hold up in the face of common household chemicals.

You and your clients will surely be pleased with the results you get from this new, cutting edge product.

2 thoughts on “Product Spotlight: Basic Coatings Street Shoe NXT

  1. Jeanne

    Can street shoe be used on a wood kitchen counter safely? If not can any of your other products? I plan to use over tykote.

    1. City Floor Supply Post author

      Hi Jeanne,

      Yes – Mike actually has Street Shoe on a butcher block table that is wearing very well. Keep in mind that a full chemical cure takes two weeks before you can start getting wet and using cleaner on it.


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