The Lagler Hummel Belt Sander is One of Our Most Popular Machines. Here’s Why

Chatter marks are often a result of the improper use of a floor sander.

We’ve covered the features and benefits of the Lagler Hummel belt sander many times because it’s one of our favorite and most popular machines at City Floor Supply.

There are many reasons why we respect the Lagler Hummel sander so much. Here’s a rehash of a few:

Sturdy, dependable construction

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The Lagler Hummel 8” belt sander is a sturdy machine, which is due in no small part to Lagler’s outstanding German engineering and cutting-edge ideas. When Lagler introduced this machine 40 years ago, it was one of the first floor sanders to use a continuous duty belt.

Older types of sanders use cut sheets of sandpaper clamped into the slotted drum. This application runs the risk of being installed improperly, not to mention it takes time to cut paper and clamp it in a drum. With the Lagler Hummel sander, the belt mechanism reduces user error and allows for an easy swap of different grits of sandpaper.

Out of all the machines we repair in our machine repair shop, the Lagler Hummel also has among the lowest cost to maintain, which speaks volumes about the engineering that goes into it.

Less room for user error

In addition to the helpful belt mechanism, the top-roller system also ensures the sandpaper will always be correctly aligned on the machine. If it does lose tracking, the sandpaper is easily adjustable using a simple tensioning screw.

The Hummel’s rear wheel pivot also prevents the machine’s front end from lifting off the floor; the machine stays level and promotes consistent quality sanding. You can be assured that this machine will help you get your job done right the first time.

Fully adjustable and quick disassembly

With time constraints in mind, the Lagler Hummel takes tasks that are tedious and difficult with other sanders and makes them much more simple.

The Hummel’s setup allows you to easily change the drum pressure settings to adjust the aggressiveness of its cut. Switch between fine, medium, and heavy with ease.

You can also adjust the handle to different heights, which allows you to significantly lessen the strain on your body when using the machine.

Lagler Hummel belt sander disassembly

Should you ever need to remove the motor, it’s easy. Simply loosen a few wingnuts, lower the front of the motor, remove the v-belts, and pull off the motor.

You can easily engage and disengage the top roller mechanism using a lever. This makes it easy to take the sanding belt on and off. You can also change the drum with ease by removing one nut on the side.

These simple-to-operate mechanisms combine to make it easy to complete any repairs to the Hummel by yourself. Check out our machine repair tutorials for simple DIY instructions.

Powerful integrated dust collection

A large vacuum fan built into the machine brings dust up the integrated dust tube into the dust collection bag. This allows the Hummel to do a great job picking up dust without hooking it up to an outside vacuum system.

Get the Lagler Hummel for a great price

Whether you’ve never had a Lagler Hummel before or you’re in the market for a new one, now is a great time to make this great investment in your business. Click here to purchase the Lagler Hummel 8″ belt sander. Buying one now can help you claim Section 179 deductions for your business before the year is over!

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