How the Stoehr Monogram XL Flooring Collection Saves You Time and Frustration

Stoehr Monogram XL Prefinished Flooring Collection

The Stoehr Monogram XL prefinished flooring collection gives you elegance without all of the work of installing, finishing, and perfecting the floors. They’re perfect right out of the gate.

Here are some advantages of this collection:

Get the look that you want

Monogram XL flooring is available in five different species: northern maple, northern red oak, northern white oak, northern hickory, and American black walnut.

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All species are available in classic, premium, and country casual grades so that you can achieve the exact look that you want, from traditional classic to modern chic.

Sturdy flooring

The flooring consists of multiple solid hardwood pieces that are joined together to form one long, consistent board. This results in 70% fewer end joints than random-length flooring, making the flooring is stronger, straighter, more visually appealing, and less squeaky than random-length floors. The unique continuous end-joining process results in boards that average 6-½ feet in length.

The manufacturing process involved in producing this flooring minimizes uneven tongue-and-groove movement between boards. This stabilizes the floor vertically and horizontally, and makes for a quieter floor with less squeaky joints.

Easy to install

This flooring is great for homeowners and installers alike. Because it’s prefinished, it can be installed quickly and easily, and put into use immediately.

Less dust during installation means less worry, and less steps involved in the installation means less room for error.


The manufacturing facilities for this collection are located in Wisconsin and Michigan, where the northern lumber is sourced. You can be sure that these are American made floors of the highest quality, and that they will offer you years of beauty and elegance.

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