The Prim-Jack Hardwood Floor Jack Speeds Up Hardwood Floor Installations

Primatech PrimJack

If you’re installing hardwood floor in a large area, it can be tedious to push or all the planks together and ensure that they don’t have any gaps. It could also lead to some mistakes. Instead, you can just let a hardwood floor jack like the Primatech Prim-Jack do the work for you. The Prim-Jack gets boards tight.

The sole purpose of a hardwood floor jack is to pull in planks tight to prevent gaps, and to straighten bowed and bent boards for installation. The Prim-Jack uses a ratchet system to accomplish this.

The Prim-Jack is a 2-in-1 tool. You can use it instead of a mallet when you are unable to get a mallet into a tight space to push or pull the boards together. 

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If you’re out in the middle of the floor and you have to push three or four rows together, you can use the Prim-Jack to do so and to do it right for the perfect alignment. You can also pull in the boards from the wall. 

Use this hardwood floor jack to ensure a high-quality installation every time

The Prim-Jack is quick and easy to disassemble in order to change its function from pull to push, and its shoe is removable.

You can use the Prim-Jack with solid or engineered floors. The non-marring base glide strip protects the finish on prefinished floors.

Using a hardwood floor jack is much better than possibly dinging up the boards with your mallet. 

It helps you save time on your jobsites. Spend less time aligning floor planks perfectly, and focus on driving your cleats or staples to ensure an installation with integrity.

This is a precise, professional tool for precise, professional jobs.

There are a bunch of different hardwood flooring jacks out there, but the Prim-Jack is professional and heavy duty. Quality really makes this worth the investment.

A high-quality hardwood floor jack like the Primatech Prim-Jack should be a part of every contractor’s arsenal – click here to read more on how to use a hardwood floor jack to make the installation process much easier.

To order a Primatech Prim-Jack, call (800) 737-1786 or click here.

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