The Glitsa 500 Series Poly Advantage

Glitsa Poly 500 Series is a high solids oil-modified polyurethane finish designed for residential and commercial hardwood floor applications. The Glitsa Poly 500 Series has a low odor formula and provides an easy way to apply a beautiful finish.

We’ve already written about building a unique system with Glitsa acid cure finishes, but what about Glitsa poly products?

Here are some benefits of Glitsa 500 Series Poly:

It’s easy to work with. Just enough body: Not so heavy that it drags, and not so thin that you can’t roll it.

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  • Exceptional flow and level. Even, consistent sheen.
  • MFMA Approved
  • Easy to apply – Use any of the following tools:
    Lambswool Mop
  • Formulated for reduced yellowing.

Glitsa lets you create a system that works for you! Apply 1 coat Glitsa Poly Quick Dry Sealer and 2 to 3 coats of Glitsa Poly 500 Series or simply 3 coats of Glitsa Poly 500 Series. This will give you a
durable, scuff-resistant finish.

Take a look at CFS’ new Festool Demo area where the Glitsa 500 poly is applied to Hickory Workbenches!

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Glitsa Poly 500 Series

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