The Redesigned Crain 812 Super Saw

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The Crain Super Saw has been redesigned. Undercutting can be a pain, but here’s the tool that gets the job done faster and easier than any other.

Undercut with ease

This jamb saw, also known as an undercut saw, is great for undercutting door jambs and other tight spaces while putting in hardwood flooring to allow room for installation as well as the necessary expansion gap.Crain 812 Super Saw Kit | City Floor Supply

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Other than wooden door jambs, the Crain 812 Super Saw can undercut moldings, hearths, masonry, tile, or stone to allow new flooring to be fit underneath.

This new 812 model is a redesigned version of the Crain Jamb Saw with handles on the sides, which allows you more control over the machine––The dual handle allows you ultimate control to ensure a nice and clean cut.

Using this tool is much safer than an oscillating saw or freehanding your undercuts, making it a great tool for any hardwood flooring contractor to have in their arsenal.

Winning features

The Crain 812 Super Saw includes a vacuum fitting for dust control, which can save you a lot of clean up (vacuum not included). Cutting on a 45º angle captures as much dust as possible inside the housing. When using this saw with a vacuum, this is the most effective way to control dust.

A retractable stabilizer keeps the saw operating smoothly under load.

The 13 AMP motor and 6 1/2″ diameter flush-cutting blade can fully undercut the inside corner even in extremely tight areas. Doors as thick as 13/4″ can be undercut without removal, making your job a lot easier. The blade height is adjustable from a flush cut to a maximum of 11/4″ off the floor.

The Crain 812 Super Saw Kit sold by comes with a carrying case, carbide blade, masonry blade, and instructions.

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Crain 812 Super Saw Kit | City Floor Supply

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