Unbeatably Low Price on the Primatech P245

Primatech P245 DOW | City Floor Supply

Primatech P245 FL and FS are only $369 for one week only – click here to buy now! 

The Primatech P245 nailer is one of our favorite products because it makes hardwood floor installations unbelievably easy, quick, and efficient. You can install unfinished and prefinished hardwood flooring alike with this tool. The design of this tool also allows you to get closer to the walls than with pretty much any other nailer on the market.

The Primatech P245 FL is a 16 gauge pneumatic L-cleat nailer. The Primatech P245 FS is a 15-1/2 gauge pneumatic stapler.

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Comes standard with an ergonomic handle, a fixed base, and 100-cleat channel. The multi-strike head makes it easy to strike from any angle.

Watch the video below for Joe’s overview of the Primatech P245.

Click here to read about the differences between the different nailers offered by Primatech.

If you need a visual confirmation of this tool’s speed and power, watch Robert O’Connell blow away the competition in last year’s Fastest Nailer in the East contest with a Primatech P245 nailer, the same nailer he used to cinch the title 4 other years in the row!

This is the lowest price you will probably ever see on a Primatech P245 nailer, so make sure to take advantage of this now!

Take advantage of this deal now before time runs out! Sale ends 2/11/18 – click here to buy now! 

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