The Unique Advantages of the Bona Belt HD Sander

What’s special about the Bona Belt HD

User-friendly sight lines. With some machines, it can be hard to see over them and see where you’re going if you’re not extremely tall!

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Features a self-correcting roller so if the paper mis-tracks, it automatically kicks itself over. The Bona Belt HD also has incredible balance––while moving forward to back and vice versa, the wheels transition smoothly. 

Dual pulley system for drum speed – two drum speed pulleys. When you need to slow it down or speed it up (get real aggressive, speed it up to 2200 RPM.) Whereas if you’re fine cutting maple, hickory, or another particularly hard species, you can slow it down so you don’t burnish the wood.

Pressure setting allows you to very finely tune the amount of head pressure. You have a virtually infinite number of settings and can fine-tune the amount of pressure, rather than having access to the standard three features that are typically available on sanders––coarse, medium, and fine. This gives you a virtually infinite amount of pressure settings.

Owning a Bona Belt HD is almost like having two machines in one because you can either get very aggressive like a Galaxy Omega 8 or fine-tune it to run smoothly like a Lagler Hummel

The Bona Belt HD features a user-friendly clutch that is ergonomically comfortable. You can let the clutch down or pull it up, adjusting the height with ease.

Just remember that the Bona Belt HD cuts from left to right, not right to left! This is due to the placement of the wheels on the machine. 

Overall, this machine is very easy to run and lets you customize your cutting speed and power to achieve your desired end results. 

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