The Versatility and Benefits of the Festool RO 90 DX Rotex Multi-Mode Sander

Imagine there’s a hand sander on the market that provides the floor mechanic four different sanding modes and functions just as well as the individual, specialized, sanders. It’s not fantasy. It’s real. The Festool RO 90 DX Rotex Multi-Mode Sander does it all!

This is a palm sander that absolutely delivers in performance. Its main feature is to conveniently and easily switch between four different types of sanding modes. There’s Gear-Driven Mode, Random Orbital Mode, Polishing Mode, and Delta Pad Orbital Mode. What this means is that the sander can be effortlessly used in all applications related to sanding hardwood floors. When you need to change out the pad, it couldn’t be easier. With the press of a button and a twist of the pad, you can swap between a circular and delta pad – perfect for intricate detail work such as getting in between spindles on railings and inside corners.

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This Rotex sander has been built from the ground up to offer the next level of performance. In addition to the different modes of sanding, there is a speed control so you can dial in the appropriate speed for the grit of sandpaper and the species of flooring. This unit adjusts to different forces of pressure to maintain a consistent speed. The also sander comes a with detachable, easy to use edge protector. This protector prevents the user from marking the shoe molding if it hasn’t been removed, or marring the baseboard. It’s great for work in tight or otherwise hard to reach areas. Tired of sharpening files to “hook” corners? Problem solved. Simply change out the round pad for the delta pad and get to work!

The sander uses a metal housing around the gear assembly. This is to ensure no dust or foreign objects end up in between the gears of the device. Unlike most tool manufacturers, Festool uses metal gears for long lasting, consistent results. The RO 90 DX provides the heavy duty sanding action typically in a lightweight hand-held device.

The Festool Rotex can be integrated with Festool’s dust extractor system. The dust extractor is designed to pick up 99.997% of all dust particles while sanding. That means you won’t worry about breathing in dust or spend valuable time cleaning it up. It’s just one of the many features that set the RO 90 DX apart from other sanders.

The Festool RO 90 DX Rotex Multi-Mode Sander is an incredible piece of technology that absolutely represents the future of power tools.  This device will completely transform the way you work with a hand sander.

One thought on “The Versatility and Benefits of the Festool RO 90 DX Rotex Multi-Mode Sander

  1. Mike Glavin

    Used the RO 90 DX to redo widow sills. Worked great and dust was not everywhere. I used the triangle detail attachment and this allowed me to get 1/8 from the window frame . Getting that close was a great time savings


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