The Winning Features of Bostik GreenForce

The Winning Features of Bostik GreenForce

Bostik GreenForce is one of the best adhesive products on the market. It can be used with virtually any floor and subfloor combination, and it has several features which lend it outstanding durability.

You’d be hard-pressed to find the following combination of features in another adhesive:

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  • GreenForce offers the same long-term durability and moisture protection properties of urethane adhesives, but contains zero VOCs and no water.

  • Utilizes AXIOS Tri-Linking Polymer Technology, which means that the adhesive molecules have three branches instead of just two. This lends the product superior “green grab.”

  • Easy to spread and clean off of prefinished flooring before and after cure.

  • When applying GreenForce over a concrete slab, moisture measurements using a calcium chloride or relative humidity test are unnecessary if the slab is properly prepared, fully cured, and dry to the touch.

  • Can be used as a moisture barrier because of its superior moisture protection qualities.

  • Contains an anti-fracture membrane which can bridge cracks up to ⅛” that occur in the substrate prior to or after installation. This allows GreenForce to move with the wood as the floor releases and absorbs moisture — without cracking.

  • Can be used to adhere all solid, engineered, bamboo, cork, and parquet floors that are recommended for glue-down applications, without restrictions on board length or width.

  • Although it bonds very strongly to the subfloor and flooring, it does not bond to most finishes on pre-finished flooring, making it extremely easy to remove even after the adhesive has cured.

Use Bostik GreenForce when:

  • You’d like to glue down a prefinished wood floor to ensure more stability

  • You need to ensure extra protection against moisture when installing a floor

  • Any time you want to incorporate a powerful, durable adhesive into your glue-down installation process

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