It’s Been a Year Since the Fire. Here’s How Far We’ve Come.

It’s been one year since a fire burned down the Philadelphia Floor Store warehouse. Our team wants to take one more opportunity to reflect on the dynamic year of change we have had.  From shock and sadness to new plans and growth, we have come a long way. We’ve learned a lot, and we have really come together as a team to rebuild our business.

We vowed to rise like a phoenix, and we did.

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There are countless lessons we’ve learned through this process of rebuilding and growing.  From planning for the unexpected to understanding the importance of organization and commitment, we have become much stronger and smarter through this ordeal.

We wanted to communicate everything we’ve learned to our customers, so the “Lessons Learned” series was born, along with a free guide to saving your business in the event of a tragedy. We hope that this body of knowledge will help other small business owners who face similar hardships.

We also recorded a series of videos to document our recovery progress over the past few months.

Perhaps the most important lesson we’ve learned is that sometimes the difference between making a comeback and succumbing to a difficult situation is the support and care of a strong community. We’d like to take another opportunity to thank our customers, vendors, and friends for being an integral part of our ability to come back strong and continue our service as your hardwood floor suppliers.

This has been another exciting year for us here at City Floor Supply.  We’ve rebranded with a new name, secured a new HQ, and started building our new warehouse. And we’re not done yet — stay tuned for more exciting updates about new ways we will provide you with supplies and beautiful flooring going forward.

We’ve been able to translate a devastating tragedy into an incredible success, and for that we are extremely grateful. Without the support of our amazing vendors and customers, we could not have done this.

It’s been a long road, and we’ve come a long way. Thank you for sticking with us through it all.

Check out our one-year update video:

Here are some reflections that the Glavin family and our friends have offered along the way.

The fire surprised and devastated us all:

“We are touched and grateful for the outpouring of support from everyone in the flooring community. To our customers, please know that we are working diligently to get back up and running and we will be in touch with all of you shortly. To our vendors, thank you for your continued support. We plan to rebuild and come back bigger, stronger and better than ever.” – Mike Glavin, the day after the fire

“Being family owned and operated companies, Powernail and Philadelphia Floor Store certainly share a kinship and philosophy of taking pride in what we’ve built. Our business relationship goes back many years and while PFS is not our biggest customer we treat them as if they were and just like in our own families, when the unfortunate happens, we consider it our duty to help where we can. So often we go through our day to day work activities without taking a step back once in a while to appreciate all we have and all we’ve built. It’s only when a tragic event such as this happens that we’re forced to put things into perspective and realize how much we can endure. All the luck from the Anstett/Powernail family. We know you’ll be back soon and better than ever.” – George Chagnon, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for Powernail

“After 20 years working together, it is so sad to see this happening to such a great company. We wish you a speedy recovery and a long future as business partners. We will do everything we can to help you.” – Ed Goldstein of Padco 

“Glad to know that you are all safe and sound. And also glad to know that you are coming back! All the best to you from all of us here at Caliber Hardwood Floors.” – Bob and Trish Snyder

“So sorry to hear about the fire. Could not have happened to a better company. We love and support you guys 100%.” – Tim Smith

“I was truly heartbroken to see what happened to your store. You guys have been a Godsend to my business over the years. People like Dante have helped me so much by introducing me to superior products and better sanding techniques. His advice has always been welcomed. Your repair shop has been an oasis in a desert. I drove up today to pick up supplies and was moved to tears. Bless you all and I hope all are well.” – Roderick Berry, Floor Masters

Once we found our new location and rebranded, we knew that things were really bouncing back:

“While the new website and logo have changed to accurately reflect the expanded markets we serve, our commitment to our customers remains the same.” – Mike Glavin, after we rebranded to City Floor Supply

“I am so proud of what you are doing!  I come to your site for many different reasons.  I was saddened to hear of the fire that tried to steal your business and also to hear of the passing of your father – I know the passing of your father “hurt” more.  After watching this video about your rebuild and how you chose to keep all on board speaks volumes of your compassion and commitment to your “family, vendors and business clientele”.  It was precious to hear how all of these reciprocated in keeping your business, hopes and dreams alive.  Bravo!!  When you show that kind of commitment to all that are involved in keeping a business growing and successful – you will be just that – successful.  Thanks for having a ‘Great’ testimony of super business ethics.” – Andrew Hasco

“Few folks stand on the doorstep of bankruptcy and know that bankruptcy won’t win. At City Floor Supply 1 year ago today we were that company…We had a strong foundation on which to rebuild. That foundation wasn’t concrete or bricks and mortar but people far and wide who chose to help in both little ways and monumental ways. We are most grateful to the people who simply cared about us and our team of people.” – Maurice Glavin

We’re proud of how far we’ve come, and we couldn’t have done it without your support. Here’s to bigger and better things!

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