Troubleshooting Common Floor Nailer Issues

There are a handful of nailer issues that are fairly commonplace which we see routinely in our machine repair shop. This is an important topic because pneumatic flooring nailers are indispensable for flooring contractors. Making sure that yours is in good shape and working exactly as it should is essential for ensuring your success in the field. 

Make sure to disconnect your nailer from the air supply before making any repairs!

An air leak is usually due to a faulty o-ring that needs replacement. Check out our video on replacing the o-rings on a Primatech P245 nailer. A common reason for o-rings to become damaged in the first place is lack of lubrication in your nailer. Generally speaking, you should be adding 2-3 drops of oil to your nailer each day to make sure everything is functioning properly.

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No firing power or lessened firing power is sometimes caused by a jam or a blockage in the discharge area. Sometimes a cleat can get stuck. Usually a blockage like this can be cleared with a flathead screwdriver––just make sure to disconnect from the air supply before attempting this repair. Another factor that can cause your nailer to feel like it is losing power is an incorrect setting on your air supply. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications to find the correct PSI setting for your nailer.

The best tip we can share with you for preventing nailer problems is regularly adding oil to keep everything lubricated and working well. When your nailer isn’t properly lubricated it can cause a whole host of issues.

Click here to read our extensive guide on troubleshooting common nailer problems, or call us at (800) 737-1786 for more information.

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